Structured Cabling

The one constant in the structured cabling industry is that it continually evolves. The challenge to become either faster, smaller, more cost effective or better continually drives the cabling industry to adapt and progress to meet the ever growing bandwidth requirements of new technology.


BICSI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals.  In Canada the BICSI standards are what are typically referenced by the Engineering community with regard to the best practices that are generally accepted. For more information please see


Several members of our staff are members of BICSI, we have several RCDD’s on staff. RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) is the BICSI accreditation for Cabling professionals that is widely accepted. The accreditation affords us the ability to design systems and stamp system drawings.


The BICSI code of conduct and ethics governs our best practices, we take great pride in our relationship with BICSI. We will continue to invest in our people to keep current with the latest changes and anticipated direction of the cabling industry.


The above, accompanied by the ongoing training requirements of our Vendor partners ensure that USG is an industry leading professional structured communications organization that you can trust and depend on.


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