At Unified Systems Group Inc. the health and safety of our employees, and our clients’ is our number one priority. Every reasonable effort is made in the interest of accident prevention to provide for safe and healthy working conditions, to eliminate hazards that can cause injury to workers or damage to property and equipment, and to promote a culture of shared accountability.

We believe that safety is everybody’s responsibility, every minute of every day on every job. Our goal is to create and sustain an environment and culture where everybody understands, accepts, and actively shares in this responsibility.

We ensure that all our employees are properly trained on how to work safely before they set foot on jobsites. We continuously upgrade their safety training to ensure Unified’s employees follow industry best practices. We invest heavily in health and safety training and in personal protection equipment for our people.

Unified Systems Group Inc. maintains a Certification of Recognition (COR) certified from Alberta Human Resources and Employment since 2003. COR requires that Unified Systems Group Inc. follows stringent safety standards and policy’s. As a result, we have a lower than industry average incidence of accidents and workplace hazards.

We are proud to be registered and compliant with the following organizations:

“Safety is in every Fiber of what we do!”